World Cup 2022: 10 Facts You should Know

World Cup 2022: 10 Facts You should Know
The new World Cup ball in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

This year marks the 22nd edition of the prestigious FIFA World Cup Competition. The competition that will take place in Qatar, comes at a moment when the world has gone through devastating events such as the Covid 19 pandemic and several wars. It’s a kind of breather the World is eagerly waiting for.

There are a lot of facts that are available about this World cup edition.

1. Iran ban on Ladies Watching Football

Certain policies are put in place to serve specific purposes. Forty and more years have elapsed, Iranian authorities ban ladies from watching football and related sports in stadiums.

It is surprising that the law is not even written anywhere officially. In 2018 and 2019 the case became so extreme that FIFA came in and Iran promised to change the situation. However, to date, Iran authorities use several means to stop women from watching football.

2. Italy is out of World Cup again

No one saw this coming. A rejuvenated Italian team under the helm of Roberto Mancini collapsed at the hands of North Macedonia. The four-time World Cup champions and winners of UEFA Euro 2020 could not beat the currently ranked 67th Country in terms of Football.

The dramatic win damned Italy to yet another failure to participate in the World’s most coveted football tournament. The North Macedonia country of 2.1 million people jubilated albeit the pure agony the 60 Million people of Italy were undergoing at the moment.

3. Mo salah and Egypt are also out of the World Cup

The talismanic Liverpool Striker and Captain of ‘The Pharaohs’ could not do anything to help his country progress to this year’s Senegalese overcame Egypt on penalty shoot outs for the second time in two months to participate in the 2022 World Cup.

A certain Social media fans section from Uganda was quick to laugh at their neighbors’ peril. This is because in the previous qualification for World Cup 2018, it was Egypt that edged out Uganda.

4. Thirty six Years Later, Canada is in World

After so long of a wait, Canada is back into the World. Their participation in this World Cup will be the second time that they will be taking part in the competition.
The draw made on Friday 1st April 2022 saw Canada put with Belgium, Croatia, and Morocco in Group F.Though considered among the underdogs of the tournament, team Canada has a point to prove a point- for one thing, is sure, the group is not easy at all.

5. Qatar, the smallest nation to ever be awarded FIFA World Cup hosting rights

Switzerland, the next smallest nation that hosted the 1954 FIFA World Cup did only manage to host 16 teams. The surprising fact is that Switzerland is 3 times as large as Qatar.

How is Qatar going to handle the full 32 teams expected to take part in the tournament?

The answer is and has been to share hosting rights with nearby countries in the region such as United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and other nearby countries. This could help the whole region to fully feel part of the event as well as do away with the associated problems of congestion.

6. Russia disqualified from the tournament

As the whole world is already aware of the Ukraine- Russia war, FIFA is also aware of this. The International football body decided to ban Russian from participating in the 22nd edition of the World Cup. This is due to the fact that Russia invaded Ukraine.

Russia who organized the 2018 FIFA World Cup didn’t only miss out on World Cup qualifications but also Russian Football teams participating in UEFA Europa and UEFA Champions League were also disqualified from the competition as one of the many sanctions targeting Russia.

7.La ‘ eeb

The official mascot of the tournament was revealed as “ La ‘eeb “ on Friday 1st April 2022. La ‘eeb is an Arabic word meaning ” super-skilled player”

8. About the Match-ball

Apparently, it’s going to be the first-ever official ball created with water-based glues and in. The ball will be called ‘Al Rihla”, an Arabic word meaning “ The Journey “

9. On Music: The official tournament song

Whereas Nigeria will not be present at the World Cup competition, at least their Popular and talented Artist who has made a name all-over Africa and the World, Davido will be there to represent them. On Friday 1st during the draws the official song “ Haya Haya “ ( Better Together ) performed by Trinidad Cordon, Davido and Aisha was released. The song has gone ahead to get positive reviews from various soccer and music lovers.

10. Dates moved from the normal dates

Fears of a hot summer with extreme heat had FIFA officials looking into a possible solution. A task force was sent in 2013 to do the survey. The findings came up with a convenient season as November and December, moving the dates from the traditional June and July

Mayende Collins Israel

Contributor, The Postdale Daily

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