UK and others could impose sanctions on Afghanistan

UK and others could impose sanctions, government minister says

The UK’s foreign secretary has said the country will hold the Taliban to account using any means at its disposal, adding that sanctions and withholding aid money could be on the table, depending on the approach the militants take in future.

Asked how he would hold the Taliban to account, following a Cobra meeting on Monday, Dominic Raab said:

“Ultimately, through working with our partners through everything from the sanctions that we can apply, to the ODA (Official Development Assistance) that we will hold back, pending reform and a more inclusive government. I think there are levers.

Asked whether he was holding out the possibility of new sanctions he said:

“The question of relief of existing sanctions as well. All of the financial means at our disposal will depend on the behaviour of the Taliban.

Speaking to broadcasters, the UK’s foreign secretary added:

“Everyone, I think, has been surprised by the scale and the pace at which the Taliban have taken over in Afghanistan, and that’s a lesson that we’ve all got to learn from.

But the truth is what matters right now is focusing on getting British nationals out, getting out those who have so loyally served the UK, and making sure that the gains that we’ve made over 20 years are not lost.

He said the UK was looking at what help it could offer refugees.

Source: The Guardian

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