“This Is My Truth & Reality”. — Dreventy Releases Debut EP ‘Blue Detail.’

"This Is My Truth & Reality". — Dreventy Releases Debut EP 'Blue Detail.'

Earlier this month, rising pop icon Derrick Talemwa also known as Dreventy as his stage name did release the long awaited project “Blue Detail.” This body of work is an addition to his already existing three singles with the latest being a remake of his original track ” I won’t forget” featuring Maerco.

“Blue detail” was well received by his fans and this can be witnessed by the numbers he’s received from several streaming platforms mainly Spotify, Apple Music and of course some of his new and existing fans even went ahead to recommend the Ep to their friends with songs like hopeless among the most shared because of its strong and relatable lyrics.

This 5-track project is unique in its own way as Dreventy shares tales from his love life, family, how far he has come from and what the future holds.

Unveiling the Ep, talented raving pop star and song writer did take to twitter to express to his excitement towards the project saying “ Been 5 years of love, labor, craziness, Blood, sweat, tears & here we are. My precious baby “#BlueDetailTheEP” has been birthed! This EP is my truth & my reality. Happy to finally share it with the world. Enjoy!”

He had previously unveiled the track list off the EP in a tweet,

In an interview with Ugandan showbiz outlet MBU, the R&B/Pop crooner was asked why he choose to name the Ep “Blue detail,” he admitted: “Blue Detail to me serves as a blueprint for what I want to represent as an artist, sound, and what I represent, being my very first major project. Blue Detail is just telling the story of how over the years, I’ve had to kind of like figure out my own path, my own direction when it comes to my music and which way, I want it to take and how I want people to kind of accept my sound, my idea, my concept as an artist.”

He also revealed that “grand pa” a song about his grandfather is his favorite, adding “it’s about the love I had for my grandpa who passed away and with whom I was close. I sing of how much I miss him and how I wish he was here to see his grandson trying to make him proud.”

The Pop sensation describes his style of music as a blend of Giveon, Doja Cat, Zayn Malik, and also inspired by Chris Brown, Christina Perry, Trey Songz, and many more artists. if you have listened to all the above and then Dreventy, you can tell how they have shaped and inspired his act.

EP Breakdown:

Check On Me.

A song about a love interest who ‘ghosts’ and doesn’t respond to your calls, or texts and how lonely it makes one. A common feeling in day to day life, more so in modern day dating.


I Love The Dark.

We all go through a dark phase in our lives. So, this song is as an open letter of courage to everyone out there, that even though you might be going through a dark and trying time, it is not for ever and Dreventy wishes to remind you that you are never alone.

Going Nowhere.

This one is about the tripple threat;- drugs, love and an addiction.

Grand Pa.

The crooner pays his respect and homage to his grandfather on this record, a song he says is so dearest to his heart, and wishes his ‘Grand Pa’ were here to hear his grandson’s music and how he’s doing him proud.


Dreventy sings of a bitter sweet relationship with his love interest in ‘Hopeless’, about how indifferent she’s made him turn due to her toxic character.

If you’ve listened to his past songs,  you will realize “Blue Detail” is a definition of growth to Dreventy as an artist and its a project that he has put so much into so that we get the very best listening experience as fans hence worth vibing along.

“Blue Detail” is already available on several music streaming platforms. Stream HERE

Moses Aine

Reporter, The Postdale Daily

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