Song Review : Dax – Suffocating

Song Review : Dax – Suffocating
Dax, "GODZILLA" Remix [Courtesy Photo]

Fame and fortune are a dangerous combination. In the Hip-hop song Suffocating by Dax released October 2021 these are some of the topics talked about.

Suffocating is the opening song on Dax’s first studio album, Pain Paints Paintings. It touches on the rapper’s own struggles; primarily fame, pressure and anxiety.

Born March 22, 1994, to Nigerian parents, Daniel Nwosu Jr. better known by his stage name Dax, is a Canadian Hip Hop artist with a huge YouTube presence of over 3 million subscribers.

“At first, I couldn’t breathe

Now I’m suffocatin’ (Suffocatin’)

Maybe the pressure from the fame isn’t worth what I’m chasin”

These lines open the verse that sees Dax pour out his heart on how he feels and what he goes through. The rapper says he doesn’t want to live the life where “sin is a currency and every day he is making payments.”

On fortune, the Canadian Hip Hop artist speaks of “women who can’t see past his employment and of those people who merely see him as an ATM. People hide their real intentions just to benefit from his employment and fortune.

The song provides a lot of positive energy, motivation that a number of people relate to. Motivational quotes extracted from this song have been spreading among Hip-hop enthusiasts and the general population as a whole.

According to Gospel Telegraph, Suffocating is “ a project inspired by the Holy Spirit, filled with… messages of love, joy, salvation and gratitude.”

However, the ending of the song has left many pondering on the place the 27-year-old meant when he said;

“So I close my eyes and drift to the place that inspires these lyrics

And as I see flames and I scream

I pray it’s a place you’ll never have to visit.”

You can watch and listen to Suffocating here:

Mayende Collins Israel

Contributor, The Postdale Daily

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