Simon Cowell “really missed” The X Factor, Reveals Its Return.

Simon Cowell "really missed" The X Factor, Reveals Its Return.
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Simon Cowell has revealed that The X Factor will return on television, although he wasn’t specific when it’ll do so.

Speaking to OK!, Simon, 62,  explained he’s hoping the show’s comeback will be a ‘big event’ and that people have genuinely missed it (him inclusive), but admitted he did the right thing ‘resting it.’

“This year was the first year since we took it off the air, where I realized how much I’d really, really missed it,” he said.

“And I think the public do as well. It was – and is – a brilliant show. And there’s no question it will return.”

Simon added that the issues behind producing such a huge programme were key in his decision to take the ITV show off the air, leading to reports it had been scrapped.

“I think we did the right thing in resting it, as it was a huge show to produce and I think people were tired,” Simon admitted.

In 2015, he was quoted as saying: “You can’t keep making the same show with the same format because if everybody knows what is going to happen every year, eventually people will get tired of it.”

The news follows reports from several news outlets that the  ITV show was scrapped and that ITV were no longer planning to renew the series. Simon argued that wasn’t the case before adding that people come up to him on the street asking when it will return!

“When it comes back – and it will – it will hopefully be a big event,” he promised.

The series was created in 2004 by  Simon Cowell – who also served as one of its judges for seasons one through seven, then again for seasons 11 through 15 – and bolstered acts like Little Mix, Olly Murs and One Direction in their infancies.

The final edition of the original X Factor format aired in 2018, marking 15 consecutive years on the air. Spin-off series The X Factor: Celebrity and The X Factor: Band aired in 2019, before the franchise took its first official proper hiatus in 2020.

At its peak, the UK series was raking in a massive 17 million viewers on a Saturday night.

Furthermore, Mr Cowell is set to feature on Britain’s Got Talent, which starts filming in January. He’s also producing new series Walk The Line, although he stepped back from being on camera, preferring to focus on producing the show- a decision he says was entirely made ‘partly due to wanting to spend more time with his family.’

Moses Aine

Reporter, The Postdale Daily

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