Sheebah Karungi teases new song “Mukama Yamba” following split from TNS

Sheebah Karungi teases new song “Mukama Yamba”
[Photo: Sheebah Karungi Instagram]

Sheebah Karungi has set her fans ( who have come to be known as Sheebaholics)  and the world ablaze with suspense and tension for her upcoming song “Mukama Yamba”

The 33-year-old musician after dropping the picture cover of the song also shared an audio teaser of 11 seconds on her social media platforms.

The song title “Mukma Yamba” loosely translated as “ God help” is set to be released at a time when the singer has parted ways with her long-time manager Jeff Kiwanuka aka Jeff Kiwa and his Team No Sleep (TNS) label.

The celebrated Ugandan artist is currently managed by Dirisa Bukenya who is said to have been handling her bookings while still in Team No Sleep.

Jeff Kiwa has since replaced the “Yolo” singer with a 17-year-old new artist named Rahma Pinky, whom musical analysts have pitted as a reincarnation of Sheebah, in the works.

Despite all the changes that have happened in her life, Sheebaholics stood strong as the “Queen” she self proclaims she is. The song basing on the title meaning seems to be a call to the Lord for help to see her through her new journey. But that we can also speculate.

The audio teaser reveals that the song beats were made by famous producer and artist Daddy Andre aka Andre on the beat. This has even led some fans to comment on Twitter urging Sheebah to join Black Market Records, a label that manages the “Tugende Mu church” hitmaker.

On when exactly the song is to be released, nothing much is clear as yet but all one can expect is a beautiful charming song with a Gospel theme probably.

Mayende Collins Israel

Contributor, The Postdale Daily

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