Opinion: To survive in Uganda, you have to be stupid

Opinion: To survive in Uganda, you have to be stupid
Activist Stella Nyanzi being dragged by the Uganda police officers. [Photo: REUTERS/Abubaker Lubowa]

In a country where the intelligent don’t fit, stupidity becomes a mode of survival. It’s high time we normalise ” being stupid” so as not to bang our heads on the wall over things we can’t change.

I didn’t like the use of Andrew Mwenda’s use of the word stupid when referring to Besigye’s supporters one time only to realise that this stupidity also applied to me who has often believed all political promises.

Who still thinks that government should be buying pads for girls in schools and lunch when it can’t even provide enough reading material, who believes that MPs have a right to benefits like free sanitary pads in parliament chambers and a free lady’s salon!

I have been stupid to believe that we have archived women’s rights when all we chorus like parrots are “women were got out of the kitchen & now are at the forefront” when we have selfish women leaders who can not front issues concerning women but just tow the NRM line even when it conflicts with the interests of women.

I have been stupid to believe that MPs can fight for workers’ salaries when their salary comes in periodically like the woman’s menstrual cycle and their benefits so uncleanly flow in like the constant flow of the woman of the issue of blood talked about in the bible.

I have been stupid to think that the opposition politicians can effectively bring change in parliament despite their small percentage in number, stupidly thought that their vote on any matter that is against NRM’s will can amount to anything.

I have been so stupid to think that government will create jobs for my children when I have not even taught them to make their own beds or even polish their shoes.

I have been stupid to think that change in leadership is going to help change this country when our attitude still remains the same.

I often regarded thieves as the wise, and stupidly believed that anyone in a high position is somehow having his/her hand in the Cookie Jar.

I have stupidly believed that the introduction of compulsory science subjects in schools is going to help in job creation yet all they learn are formulas leaving school intoxicated by delusions of academic qualifications but can’t even fix a fuse in a top plug, IT specialists who can’t even switch on a computer.

I have been that STUPID and I know you know someone who knows someone who is as STUPID as I am.

It’s only you who are not stupid that will realise that when we change attitude, no matter who rules, you will make it, you can make use of our stupidity like packing water in a plastic bottle and convince us that its sweat we shall buy it ( as if water has taste), convince us to change the colour of our skins with bleaching creams that that’s when we shall look good and we shall buy them, get some rubbish and call it trendy like a selfie stick we shall spend on it.

You will get richer as we work to spend on your innovations so poor shall we remain surrounded by the misery of useless gadgets, slaves to our jobs, producing nothing to sell off to compete with you apart from our labour.

Like prostitutes shall we labour for less pay to satisfy our desires (since most prostitutes spend most of their pay on their looks) and change starts with me or I should stay in my slumber of stupidity to live unfulfilled life of mediocrity.

Absolom Lubwama

Contributor, The Postdale Daily

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