Nicki Minaj Attacked Jessie J Over Their Hit ‘Bang Bang’

Los Angeles Times/ MVAs 2015

Nicki Minaj attacked Jessie J on twitter by dismissing her claims she begged to be involved in their award winning hit ‘Bang Bang’ the song produced by Max Martin back in 2014 with Ariana Grande on board ,  debuted at number one in the United Kingdom and peaked to number three on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Disputes surrounding the origin of the song have been on for a while with ‘flashlight’ hit maker, Jessie and Ariana arguing over who recorded the track first and just on Thursday, the 38-year old rapper took to twitter disagreeing with Jessie over claims that she asked to be part of ‘Bang Bang’ hit that won the 2015  favorite song of the year at kids choice awards.

Nicki shared a screen shot of an article by Glamour magazine in which the British Pop-star is quoted saying: “Nicki was played it in the studio and was like, ‘I’ve got to jump on this.’ We didn’t go to her and ask; she wanted to do it.”

Nicki later brutally humiliated her claims tweeting “I didn’t hear the song & ask 2get on it. The label asked me2get on it & paid me. How would I have heard the song? chiiille what am I the damn song monitor? Snoopin around for songs chile?” the 38-year-old tweeted after tagging the singer in her message. “This was said by another artist recently as well. Yallgotta stop. LoveU.”


The rapper also responded to a tweet from a fan who recalled a past interview in which Jessie J reportedly credited the label with asking Minaj to be part of the song at the time of release, however  Entertainment weekly was unable to verify the information.


According to the mirror, Ariana recorded the track originally before the song was offered to Jessie – with her agreeing to keep her original vocals on one of the verses after being impressed by the new version recorded by Jessie and Nicki.

Responding to Nicki’s tweets, Jessie shared a message on Instagram praising the rapper and suggested they go for dinner together with Ariana.

Jessie wrote: “From the moment I met you to now I have shown you nothing but love and gratitude for how f***ing blessed I was to have you and @arianagrande who btw wrote Bang Bang with the insanely talented Max Martin which I found out today. Jesus. What a day. Sorry Ari. I never knew. Wild.”

“I’m the first person to admit Bang Bang would NEVER have been what it was without you guys.

“I’m sorry I got the story wrong all these years, I was told you heard the song and wanted to be on it by someone clearly gassing me up at the label. (Bless them and my naive ass) Thank you for clarifying I was wrong on that and Do it like dude… Told me huh.”

Jessie J later credited Minaj and Grande’s contributions to the song and added that she’s asked Ari to collaborate again.

“Let’s be honest: For as much as songs like that are my bag all day, every day, ‘Bang Bang’ would have never done what it did without them. The gratitude I have and, honestly, the experience of girl power. Since Moulin Rouge, there hasn’t really been a big female song that’s come that’s really impacted like that,” she continued. “Me and Ari just spoke the other day, and I was like, ‘We should definitely do something together.’ And she was like, ‘If we do, it has to be better than ‘Bang Bang.” And I was like, ‘Well…’ She was like, ‘I don’t know,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know.’ Because it’s just one of those songs that just caught and went.”

‘Bang Bang’ was and is still a hit.

Moses Aine

Reporter, The Postdale Daily

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