Kyambogo University Launches Campaign To End Suicide Cases

Kyambogo University Launches Campaign To End Suicide Cases

Three months ago Uganda woke up to the sad news about the suicide death of Kyambogo University’s former Student, Brian Wetaka.

Wetaka who graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Chemical Engineering at Kyambogo in 2019 returned to his former lecture room block at the university and committed suicide from there.

The suicide note left behind indicated that he decided to end his life because of “ stress” after failing to get a job.

“I have decided to end my life because of stress.” read the note.

This is one of the many suicide cases that have been reported in recent years in the country. In September 2019, Ashraf Nsubuga, a fourth-year government student at Makerere University committed suicide inside his room at White House, an extension of Nsibirwa Hall at the University.

Nsubuga, 22, who was pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Medical Radiology at the College of Health Sciences was found hanging dead on a rope.

Why Do Young People Commit Suicide?

Wetaka is one of the several young people who have had to take the hard and sad decision of taking their own lives.

The quick question that comes to mind is “why do these young energetic and promising youth come to such a conclusion?”

In Wetaka’s case, it is alleged that he committed suicide because of stress and delusion. After graduating, be hoped to get a job immediately. However, this did not happen. Life became hard and the harder it got , hope diminished with each passing year, and eventually, the sad decision was undertaken.

Another reason as to why Young People Commit Suicide is because of relationship problems. Young people have a tendency to be deeply in love. This is sometimes taken too far to the extent that one may Commit Suicide when the other partner calls it quits.

Family problems as well as betting/gambling are also among the reason for young people committing suicide. In fact, most young people in a bid to make quick money and solve their family problems turned to bet albeit in vain.

Kyambogo has launched Anti Suicide Campaign

In a bid to curb suicide acts among its students and alumni to be, the University has set out to begin a special campaign.

The University’s Guidance and Counseling Unit together with the Students Welfare Department, Strong Minds Uganda and LEM Uganda are the organizers of the campaign whose theme “Hope Never Runs Dry “ is meant to keep the students hopeful in all situations.

The campaign will kick off from June 6 to June 8 running from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at CTF Grounds. A host of activities such as public lectures, suicide awareness, depression screening, individual counseling screening, and blood donation will be undertaken.

Mayende Collins Israel

Contributor, The Postdale Daily

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