Kim Kardashian Slammed For Listening to Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Album On Mute.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West | CREDIT: MATT BARON/SHUTTERSTOCK

Kim Kardashian has been criticized online for seemingly listening to estranged husband Kanye West’s new album ‘Donda’ on mute. The 40- year old beauty mogul posted screengrabs of the album playing on her iPhone — specifically “Hurricane,” “Donda,” “Lord I Need You” and “Ok Ok, Pt. 2” — with the volume turned all the way down. Fans were quick to point out the detail and immediately began calling her out on social media.

“NOT KIM LISTENING TO DONDA ON MUTE,” one fan shared on Twitter.

“kim really said kanye’s music sounds [so much] better when it’s on mute,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“kim kardashian posting screenshots of her listening to kanye’s new album on MUTE is taking me out,” another joked.

Another seemed to roast Kim by writing “That’s what Kanye did during the course of their marriage: listen to Kim on mute.”

“The way kim kardashian listening to donda on mute got me wheezing.” Another user wrote.

The KUTWK star deleted her story and re-added others while listening to ‘Come to Life’ and ‘Lord I Need You’ with the volume up. She has not said anything about the shared story as well.

“Yes Kim, that’s exactly how Kanye’s songs should be heard, on mute,” someone else tweeted.

Meanwhile away from trolls, Kim has been nothing but supportive of Kanye as he geared up to release his tenth studio album, even appearing in a wedding dress at his listening party on Friday in Chicago that was also attended by Marilyn Manson.

Kim walked onto the stage as Ye’s “No Child Left Behind” played in the background. Not only did the stunt spark reconciliation rumors, but the estranged pair were later seen holding hands while leaving the venue. According to Page Six‘s  insider, Kanye is even telling his music industry friends that he and Kim are back together.
However, the source adds that “everybody knows that isn’t true” and alleged West is “putting on a big show” so he can beat Drake in record sales.

Donda, which features Jay-Z, the Weeknd, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Pusha T, the late Pop Smoke, Kid Cudi, the Lox and many others dropped as a surprise to fans on August 28 after five weeks of delay. The album, which is nearly two hours long in its released version, has changed dramatically over the course of the listening events with drastically different song selections and featured vocalists.

The album has also sparked major backlash after Jay-Z’s fiery verses on the track ‘Jail’ were replaced by new verses by DaBaby and several other popular verses were dropped. However, the released version reinstates Jay-Z’s appearance and other popular, previously deleted ones by Kid Cudi and the Lox.

Following the release on Sunday, West claimed that record label didn’t even have his permission to release it.

Kanye West Dedicated His Latest Studio Album, “Donda,” to His late Mom. Listen to the album Here

Moses Aine

Reporter, The Postdale Daily

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