Kendall Jenner Is Being SUED For Breach of Modeling Contract!

Kendall Jenner in September 2019
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On Monday, Aug. 2, Italian fashion house Liu Jo filed a legal complaint at a New York City court against Kendall Jenner suing the model for $1.8 million for allegedly failing to attend a second photoshoot.

According to the company, Jenner was set to be paid $1.5 million, plus a 20% service fee in exchange for two planned photoshoots for the brand.

In its lawsuit, the fashion house claims that it had already paid the model $1.35 million in February of last year after she took part in the initial shoot in July 2019. The second shoot was planned to take place in London in March 2020 but got rescheduled because of the covid-19 pandemic which hindered the 25-year-old model from traveling.

The lawsuit alleges that both the company and the model had agreed to postpone the shoot until October 2020 but never decided on a new date.

In the documents, Liu Jo claims that Jenner “ceased responding” to “urgent requests and communications” on several occasions when the brand tried to confirm a rescheduled date for the shoot. The complaint states “Due to Ms. Jenner’s refusal to negotiate in good faith, Liu Jo was forced to find replacement models and restructure its entire Spring/Summer 2021 photoshoot — at great expense to Liu Jo, due to Ms. Jenner’s refusal to uphold her end of the bargain.”

The company claims they filed the suit after “having no success in obtaining a refund” the US top model allegedly owed.

However, a spokesperson for The Society Management, a model management company that represents Jenner, told E! News, “This suit is without merit. The Society Management, on behalf of Ms. Kendall Jenner, has continually offered Liu Jo alternative dates and locations to fulfill an agreement that was forced to be delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.”

“Jenner has willingly offered to complete services honoring her commitments.” the statement continued.

Court papers also allege that after the model proposed to postpone the shoot to October, the company (Liu Jo) learned the model “would be traveling to Italy in September 2020 to perform a photo shoot for a different designer.”

Winnie Nantongo

Editor-in-Chief, The Postdale Daily

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