How To Post As Anonymous In A Facebook Group.

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Posting anonymously in a Facebook group is an effective way to share information and express opinions without revealing your identity to group members. For example, if you’re posting about sensitive personal topics that may be unpopular with the other members of the group, anonymity can protect you from harassment. This idea came from Facebook wanting to offer anonymous posts to parents who’d want to discuss topics they wouldn’t put forward openly and it was only active in parenting groups.

However, the feature is now available to all group types and if you have a Facebook group, you can let members post anonymously.

So how does one post anonymously in a Facebook group?.

Simply log into your Facebook account, navigate to your group Settings under the admin tools left sidebar. Within the box called extra features, click on the pencil icon next to anonymous posting to switch it on (you access this option once you’re the group admin).

Source: Online group success.

A prompt explaining how anonymous posts work will pop up. turn on the feature and hit save.

Source: Online group success.

Once turned on , go back to the home page of the group and tap on Anonymous Post, which is near where you’d create a post. Fill in the content you’d like to post and click send. Remember this also gives members in the group to post anonymously as well.

The post you make will appear in the group without your name. It will simply display “Group Member” as the ID and a generic icon where the profile picture usually appears. If you post anonymously, your name will still be visible to the group’s admins and moderators. Facebook too will be able to see your identity in order to enforce its Community Standards.

This feature will only be available in groups if your admins have turned on the settings for it, so if you still don’t have the option to post ‘incognito’, it’s best to contact whoever is in charge of your group.

If you’d like to turn the feature off at any point, navigate back to the settings (note that when you toggle it off, all anonymous posts currently / previously in the group will disappear. They will be recovered once the feature is switched back on).


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