How To Create A Group Email In Gmail And Send It To Multiple People At Once.

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Gmail, which is one of the most used and preferred email service used by clients around the world, enables one to send an email to multiple people at once. However, you might have been doing it manually and and didn’t know there was a way to create an email group (sometimes called mailing lists or distribution lists) that would help you send an email to your contacts with just a couple of clicks.

Creating Group Email/Mailing List in Gmail saves time and makes it easier to communicate with multiple groups of contacts frequently, It is a great way to easily distribute your content at scale and also, an excellent way to keep in touch with relatives, friends and social and work circle

So How does one create an email group in Google contacts?:

1.To send a group email, you need to begin by creating the email group using a label in Google’s Contacts. Once here, hover over the contact you want to add (as many as you want) to the mailing list and then click on the checkbox to select it. Repeat for every contact you want to put on the list.

Check the name for each person you want to include in the email group. (picture: courtsey)

You have to make sure each contact you add has an email associated with it. Otherwise, they won’t appear in the label when you go to email them later.

2. When you’re done, click the “Manage labels” button at the top of the page. It’s shaped like a label and is right next to the “Send email” button. next, In the dropdown menu, click “Create label.”

Create a new label for this group of emails. (picture: courtsey)

Give the label a name that’s easy to remember and then click “Save” to create the contact list.

Send an Email Using the Email List in Gmail.

1. Open Gmail in a browser. If Gmail was already open in another browser tab, refresh the page.

Once the page loads, hover the mouse cursor over the Plus (+) icon and click the “Compose” button when it appears to start a new email.

3. There are two ways to add your email group to this email message. If you remember the name of the label you just created, enter its name in the “To” line. When you see it appear as a suggestion, click it, and all the members you added to the label will appear. If you don’t want to type it, click “To” and, in the pop-up window, click “My contacts.” Then click the name of the label from the list.

Choose the label that includes the email group you want to send a message to. (picture: courtsey)

After you select the label, fill out the email and Of course, don’t forget to finish off the email with a good subject line and compelling content. Then click the “Send” button when you finish to send it to everyone in the group list.

Hit the ‘send’ button once you’re done with typing in your content. (picture: courtsey)

You’ll also see a popup confirming that you want to send the group email to the number of addresses in your mailing list, and you can click Send Now to confirm or Cancel to go back.

Gmail can be a great tool to a better marketing campaign but remember your free Google account only allows for up to 500 sent and received emails per day. If you reach this limit within a 24-hour period, you might get an error message notifying you of your overage.


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