Frog Eating Boosts Long Term Memory – Study

Frog Eating Boosts Long Term Memory

Frog eating boosts long-term memory. A study published on Monday (June 20) in Current Biology speaks of a rare discovery. Long-term memory has been found in wild frog-eating bats. The bats were trained by researchers to associate a phone ringtone with a reward of food.

What’s more amazing is the fact that four years down the road, the bats still recognized the sound. It should be noted that these bats were released into the world having microchips to monitor them.

Lead Author of, May Dixon, a post doctoral scholar says “ I was surprised – I went into this thinking that at least a year would be a reasonable amount of time for them to remember… Four years strikes me as a long time to hold on to a sound that you might never hear again.”

Despite the latest discovery, the research is still limited to bats. The fact that these bats ate frogs and the result was them having long-term memory raises a lot of questions. Is it possible that humans who eat frogs also have long-term memory?

The History of Frog Eating in Humans

In France, Frog legs are considered to be a national delicacy. However, frog-eating is believed to have started way back around the 12th century.

The monks in France we’re forbidden from eating meat on certain numbers of days. In a move to go about this rule, the monks got frogs. These acted as a perfect alternative as they didn’t qualify as fish, not meat.

Fast forward the news of the frog delicacies reached Britain. The Brits later stopped eating frogs. Asian countries such as Indonesia, China, Thailand, and Vietnam are among the avid frog eaters.

In Africa, West African countries such as Burkina Faso, Benin, and Nigeria are well known for eating frogs. The South African nation of Namibia also eats the famous African Bullfrogs.

Benefits of Eating Frogs

With 16.4 gr of protein, frog meat is considered the source of animal protein. It has high content nutrition. Many people believe that frogs can cure some diseases.

It is believed frog meat benefits people who have heart defects. However, when boiling the frog meat, one should not boil it for over 20 minutes. The nutrients would be lost.

Furthermore, the juice extracted from frog meat can aid in preventing asthma. The juice is very famous in Peru. It is called extracto de rana.

A host of other benefits such as frog meat being a source of heart and brain-healthy omega -3 fatty acids, full of vitamins, and rich in minerals such as potassium among others.

Mayende Collins Israel

Contributor, The Postdale Daily

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